“Smoke & Mirrors” short film

The good folks at Six Finger Films (not my company, I swear) have taken a shine to a certain chapter of my new novel, so much so that they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to shoot a short film from the material.

I drafted the script myself, using a core sample bored from somewhere halfway between “once upon a time” and “happily every after.” It’s your basic boy meets girl story only without the romance or the girl. More like your basic unlicensed medic meets escaped psych patient who claims to be an angel in an abandoned subterranean surgical theater following a massive earthquake kind of story.

There’s Icarus, who hit the dirt soon after his wings burst into flames upon punching through the ozone. That’s his story anyway, and he’s sticking to it. Nevermind there wasn’t a witness who saw anything but for a naked guy (i.e., Icarus) who fell from, well, somewhere overhead, but without so much as a sunburn or blister (to say nothing of a set of scorched wing stumps). As you’d expect with most anyone wandering downtown in their altogether, Icarus finds himself on the business end of a 5150 and ultimately a ward of the System. In his case, the System is personified by a shrink on the county payroll who duly probes for holes in Icarus’s story, that story being pretty much: “I’m on a mission from God and when I get word I’ll walk out of here as I please.” The shrink ain’t buyin’ it, but that doesn’t matter; the film fades in soon after Icarus has made good on that promise. And that’s how he got hurt.

Enter Twenty Long, the last hope of the ailing indigent, and unknown to the legions of clock-punching civilians in the daylight world above the street-level. He’s something of an urban legend and, for all Icarus knows, a main character in a pain-induced hallucination. There is no “standard” in Twenty Long’s operating procedure; he’s spent his life mining the scrapyards of modern civilization—abandoned hospitals, decomissioned libraries and condemned clinics—for the tools and know-how to ply his trade. What Twenty Long lacks in board certification, he compensates with uncanny improvisational skills at the operating table and a sideshow barker’s bedside manner.

With barely seventeen days left in our fundraising efforts, we’re still just over $4,000.00 shy of our goal. Check out the “Smoke & Mirrors” project page over at Kickstarter to see the (very cool) pitch video and learn the details about the project. And if you’re inclined to sharing the link with anyone and everyone, then by all means, feel free.

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