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Been quiet around here for some time, and I can’t say for certain how diligent I’ll be about this here blog in the days to come. But a lot’s been happening of late, and I figured I was overdue for an update of sorts, so what follows is a round-up of how I’ve been more or less spending my time since my last post.

Fan Art Poster Concept courtesy of

Fan Art Poster Concept courtesy of

The biggest news is that the film production of Dermaphoria was completed last year, and the world premier screening will serve as the opener of the East End Film Festival in London, this coming June. Directed by Ross Clarke, it stars Joseph Morgan as Eric Ashworth, Nicole Badaan as Desiree, Walton Goggins as Manhattan White, Ron Perlman as Detective Anslinger, and Kate Walsh as Morell. Not sure when it will be in major release Stateside, but until then, here’s a taste:

More on the film front, the elusive Smoke and Mirrors will finally see the light of day, as the closing short for the Future Shorts San Francisco Edition Film Festival. The screening will be this Thursday evening, 5/22/14, at San Francisco’s Firehouse 8. Director Scott Krinsky and Cinematographer Chris McGilvray will be on hand for a Q&A afterward. Tickets are on sale at Brown Paper Tickets.

For those curious backers, DVD duplication is scheduled for this week, and premiums will be mailed out within the next two weeks.

Most recently, the Authors Guild has weighed in on the entanglements following the demise of my former publisher, MacAdam/Cage. In short, the print rights to my back catalogue (The Contortionist’s Handbook and Dermaphoria) have reverted back to me. As I’m currently shopping my third novel, Mother Howl, around to agents, I’m holding off on doing anything with that back catalogue until I have representation. That said, I hope to have my earlier material back in print before the film procures wide distribution.

Mother Howl

The Sunday Rumpus published a short story of mine recently, Vapor Trail, thanks to the efforts of Gina Frangello. That particular piece has been expanding in my brain and has become the seed of novel #4 (yet to be titled).

But said novel is churning along at a brisk pace, which is doubly strange given that I’m working with no outline, no bloody clue where it’s going. But I’ve joined a writing group for the first time since college, so now have to crank out pages at a regular clip, as I’m accountable to a lovely group of heavyweight writer/misfit types: Rob Roberge, Bernadette Murphy, Patrick O’Neil and Jillian Lauren. Our meetings are the highlight of my month.

Another short of mine, Act of Contrition, was reprinted in The New Black, a neo-noir anthology from Dark House Press. And I should have sounded the trumpets here a while back on this, but another short, The Confession of Adelai Shade, was published in the Booked. Anthology, courtesy of Robb Olson and Livius Nedin, the Top Gear of book reviewers.

And things wrapped up last year with an interview with Books and Booze. I’ll be honest, my memory of that one’s a little shady, though there could be something in the podcast title that might clue y’all in as to why.

That about brings everything up to date. I’ll be back when I have more news on Mother Howl.

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